Nov 29, 2012
Multi Magnetic Stirrer

We are happy to introduce the New Multi Magnetic Stirrer


Speed Range: 100-1000 rpm

  Capacity: 0-5Ltr Each

  Speed Control Knob: Separate (Individual for each stirring point)

  Body made up of M.S.

  Top made up of S.S.

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About Arvind Industries

Arvind Industries has long establishment of more than 40 years! In the eras of 50’s when-‘wood was considered as most effectual media’ to make the various basic laboratory articles.

AI has started its operation as a manufacturer of various Laboratory Wooden Apparatus / Devices such as Hares Apparatus, Inclined Plane, Eastern Bridge, Potentiometer, Galvanometer model, etc. The hot selling product was “TWO PAN ANALYTICAL BALANCE with 0.01mg accuracy”

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  • Sugar Industry
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  • Food and Beverage Industries
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